Monday, January 17, 2011

KimoYes Fabric In Action!

Last October (yes, I know, I'm still catching up!),  Australian Patchwork and Quilting published a beautiful quilt pattern by well known Sydney quilter and quilt teacher, Chris Jurd. I am particularly interested in this quilt, not only for its intricate design and use of colour, but the incorporation of some KimoYes silks, rayons and cotton yukatas. The central medallion, for example, is an interesting 1940s kimono silk ( or perhaps rayon - I can't quite remember). Similarly, the quilt borders are make up of some unusual cotton yukata, some fabric from a girl's kimono, kimono silks and so on. I have found that so many quilters will not deviate from the traditional quilting cottons and it is so refreshing to see what Chris has done with such an array of fabrics. What do you think?

It is really worth following  Chris' blog . Her work is extraordinary and, as you can see, she is very much at ease working with unique fabrics.

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