Monday, January 24, 2011

Clever Cushions

I always love seeing projects made from KimoYes fabrics. There are so many clever people around Australia- in fact the world, who put the fabrics to such wonderful use.

One of these people is Janine Kingston, of Perth. Janine, a long time KimoYes customer, has the knack of putting together "unlikely" fabrics to create something special. I got a real thrill to see how she mixed sophisticated silk shibori fabrics with the colourful girls' kimono synthetics and topped of with 1940s rayons. It takes a certain mixture of bravery and talent to work with these fabrics, but the results are so rewarding. I've "pinched" these images, with Janine's permission, from the blog of her local fabric store, so you might like to visit it to find out more and to see the wonderful kimono fabric quilt that Janine is working on.

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