Friday, April 30, 2010

KimoYes Fabric Swatch Card

Fabric Swatches

I'm often asked about the different types of Japanese fabrics that appear on the KimoYes website. The world of Japanese fabrics is extensive and often mysterious, but there are some more common weaves and dyes that I frequently encounter. In response to the many emails that I receive, I've put together a swatch card of examples of some of the more common Japanese fabrics on the KimoYes website.  

If you would like one of these handy cards, keep an eye on your emails over the next few days. It's almost time for the KimoYes Mother's Day Sale and these cards will be included with all KimoYes purchases next week.

April Mailing List Winner

Congratulations to Monika Short of Canberra who is this month's winner of the $100 Silk Pack. Don't forget that you have to be on the KimoYes Mailing List to have a chance to win this monthy prize.

Hippy Haori

Wearing Haori Jackets

Haori are hip length coats traditionally worn over kimono for warmth and they come in various weights. They are becoming increasingly popular in western society because of their flowing style and beautiful silk fabrics. I have a number of them on the KimoYes website which customers buy to wear either formally or informally.  Unfortunately westerners are often larger than the Japanese women for whom these lovely garments were made and this week I was given the challenge of adjusting a haori to fit a local customer.

Haori are constructed with narrow side panels which are visible in the above photo. The haori in question fitted well across the back but not at the hipline. I simply unpicked the hand stitched side panel to the waistline, cut it off and hand stitched around the edges to catch the lining. The photos below tell the story.  

The result was a haori that fell straight at the front and back and which floated over the hips. Very flattering!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ada's Quilt

Ada's Quilt

Little Ada arrived in March and I have finally managed to finish her quilt. Ada is the new baby daughter of Ema and Chris who live in the US.

The quilt is made from a variety of fabrics. The base fabrics are black and white patchwork fabrics which have been hand appliqued with stunning circles of silk fabric taken from girls' kimono. I took Martha Birch's advice and chose a bright yellow border. The border fabric is a cotton yukata, #8373 from the KimoYes website and I finished it with a backing and binding in one of my favourite Japanese cotton patchwork fabrics from Addicted To Fabric in Canberra. Canberrans are very lucky to have such a wonderful supply of patchwork fabrics at a2f. I'm very happy with the result and am always pleased to be able to successfully combine vintage and modern fabrics.

Martha, I'll be sending you some of the lovely yellow yukata fabric in thanks for your excellent suggestion!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Shibori Bag

From time to time, customers send me photos made from KimoYes fabrics. This is always a thrill and I hope to share some of these creations with you over the next few months. One thing better than receiving these photos is receiving the creations themselves! I was lucky enough to be given this lovely little bag made by a valued and talented customer and made from one of the KimoYes shibori bundle packs. These packs disappear from the Kimoyes website very quickly and are handy to use as feature pieces or thrown together to make something beautiful.

The lining is a KimoYes remnant which finishes off the bag beautifully.

I'd love to feature your KimoYes inspired creations on these pages. Email me with details and photos if you want to showcase your designs. Jill