Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have a few customers who are "butterfly happy" and I endeavour to keep them up to date when I come across new butterfly fabrics. I must admit that I also find these beautiful insects compelling and may one day be tempted to make myself a butterfly quilt.

The Japanese consider butterflies to be the souls of the living and the dead. They are also seen as symbols of joy and longevity. I was surprised when I searched the KimoYes website to find that we have no fewer than 35 butterfly fabrics including cotton yukatas, silks, wools and synthetics. Click here to see the range.
Some of my favourites are.....

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LizCat said...

Absolutely love the butterfly fabrics. I also am fascinated that the Japanese believe them to be the souls of the living and the dead. The delicate way they flutter is so ethereal and delightful, a joy to watch.

Bear said...

oh Jill love the butterflies as well and I like the Japanese thoughts on them be to be the soulds of the living and the dead
love n hugs Belinda xo